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Are you a sports lover who likes to exercise with suitable equipment? Then you probably already know it can be hard to find sports glasses that also match your personality. Lucky for you, Odette Lunettes has made this its new mission. Together with world champion Tom Boonen, we've designed glasses that are perfect for active sports and that are fashionable enough to show yourself off with. For many people sport is an im-portant part of their lives. Therefore Odette Lunettes wants to optimize your sports experience so that soon nothing will stop you anymore. Not sure which size to get? The small/medium size is 13,7 cm wide and the medium/large size is 14,7 cm wide. Measure the distance inbetween the two temples of your head to discover which frame will be perfect for you.


1. Comfort

The length, curve and thickness of the temples have been designed to ensure the best support and comfort, even under a helmet. The silicone nose pads are non-slip to ensure the best support, and to ensure that sweat does not get in the way of the frame. The opening at the end of the temples in the logo, allows you to add a cord if you do a significant physical activity. Their 3D material also makes them more flexible, to cope with all the twists and turns of sports practice. 

2. Protection

The lenses are covering, and for even greater protection, side shells stop the lateral rays of the sun. The side shells also recreate the curve of traditional sports glasses in order to follow the curve of the face, on a much more trendy frame. The mirrored lenses provide even greater protection than traditional sunglasses, since they will reflect a large part of the rays, which also constitutes greater protection against glare. 

3. Fashion

The relief on the temples is reminiscent of bicycle and car tires, Tom Boonen's two favorite sports. 


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