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Looking for new glasses? Would you love to try
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Opening hours
Open from Monday to Sunday: 10.00h - 18:00h

Closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays


Elizabetlaan 9-13, 8300 Knokke

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Tel: +3250376844

Wanna know more about our Seasonal Store Knokke?

Come Sea Us

Knokke is the place to be. So our Sea’sonal store - Elizabethlaan 11-13 - is a must visit when you are planning a trip to Knokke. We want to create a delight to the eye with our store in every way.

Look & Feel

‘Edginess’ and ‘fashion’ were the keywords while we were designing the concept. We had a clear vision for the store and hopefully you’ll experience it from the first look.

Sexy spaceship // Glammy rock and roll // Edgy mirror palace

Odette Lunettes store
Odette Lunettes store


Our Sea’sonal store Knokke brings a rudimentary, spacey vibe.
Like stepping into a spaceship. Are you ready for the Odette
experience? Here you can admire the extraordinary world of our
Odette Lunettes frames. 

Place m’as-tu vu

In Knokke it’s all about seeing and being seen. That summer
setting includes: Voyeur sunglasses. That is why we are launching
a limited edition ‘Knokke Le Zoute’-frame. The sun & sunglasses
are a match made in heaven. Go tsjing with an exclusive Odette
Lunettes frame at the ‘Place m’as-tu vu’ closeby our store. The
‘Knokke Le Zoute’-frame is inspired by that square: a place where
you cannot be seen without some sexy sunglasses.

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