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About //-

Founded in 2015 by tv host and influencer Eline De Munck and tv director Bob Geraets. 

What’s in a name? Who is Odette?
Odette is a dog. Yes a dog! A cute, black, mini dwarf pinscher to be exactly.

Bob and Eline wanted a brand name which immediately showed that it was about eyewear. So they looked for something that matched with ‘Lunettes’, the French word for eyewear. On that moment Eline’s dog passed by which ended up in an ‘aha erlebnis’. And so ‘Odette Lunettes’ was born. 

Mission statement! - A mission with a vision

Odette started out of a deep-seated frustration, which is a loyal advisor for entrepreneurs. As a tv host Eline had to wear glasses on screen seen she can’t stand contact lenses. She spent ages looking intensively for the right pair that matched her personality and style. It was so hard to find glasses to her taste which represented a lifestyle Eline wanted to relate to being fashionable and yet wearable. Realizing that she knew there were many lost souls feeling the same way.  It became a personal quest to make fellow spectacled people enjoy wearing glasses again. 

Message? - All eyes on you

It’s not important who created the brand but it’s all about you, the one who’s wearing the frame.  An Odette wants to give you this added value of feeling confident, empowered and fierce. So your eyewear literally and figuratively becomes your strength and you want to be part of the Odette Lunettes community. 

Odette Lunettes is perceived as a timeless fashion eyewear label with an edgy touch. For Bob and Eline it’s very important that the frames add up to you, not the other way around. They need to give you this extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ but they can’t take over. When you enter somewhere it needs to be about you, not about the frame you are wearing. 

You want to look sporty, casual or chique? An Odette adjusts itself to what you want it to look like yet giving you extra identity. It’s all about image, ego and individuality. 

2 visions - Allure and voyeur 

Bob and Eline wanted to create 2 collections or series which can reach a wide-spread audience with different tastes. Allure stands for being attracted or tempted by contemporary beauty while Voyeur wants you to get pleasure from watching and overviewing extravagant beauty. 

Founded in 2015,  Odette Lunettes became a popular style reference in Belgium and recently crossed international borders. Many celebrities are proven to be proud ambassadors of Odette Lunettes.


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