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Meir 85, 2000 Antwerp

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Tel: +323 746 06 36

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Where the magic happens

The Antwerp flagship store is located in the historically protected Osterriethhuis building. We chose to make a real statement with the property. 'Ouvre tes yeux' is that statement today. It is no coincidence that we launched this in 2020.

Why ‘Ouvre Tes Yeux’

We live in a world that is constantly changing. A world full of pressure  and need to adapt to new challenges. Some major foundations where our society is build upon, are getting questioned. Now more than ever. Like many young entrepreneurs, we feel that economic and other dynamics are more fluid, especially since 2020. In this bizarre, yet exciting new times, we want to send out a positive signal. ‘Ouvre Tes Yeux’ is an invitation to really open your eyes together with us. We call for a more sustainable life and we believe that supporting your local economy is one way to do support that eco-friendly lifestyle. We’re really looking forward to what the future has in store for us and we would love to participate and help wherever we can. 

Odette Lunettes store
Odette Lunettes store

The concept brought to life

One day, we mysteriously shared a video on our socials where it looked like someone broke into our Flagship Store and vandalized the walls with a daring red color. ‘Ouvre Tes Yeux’ got it’s permanent place in our Flagship Store and the idea was beautifully executed by Charlotte De Cock. She is an Antwerp based artist, who has already conquered the world with her extraordinary work. We really believe in the message of ‘Ouvre Tes Yeux’. No better place to display our believes, than in our Flagship Store. Our signature hoodies and t-shirts also carry this important message. Accept the invitation and join our cause! It’s time to ‘Ouvre Tes Yeux’. 


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