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March to the beat of a different drum 

One day Svnty’s Tina reached out to Odette Lunette’s Eline, because let’s face it: both brands share the same struggles, the same passionate motivation & happy customers. Also, they speak the same Antwerp lingo, as they share their origins in the fashion capital. 5 minutes became 5 hours and it became very clear both SVNTY and Odette Lunettes share the same values:

  • Empowerment
  • Antwerp roots
  • Fair production process
  • Creating nice things that make people happy and carefree

A collab was born: 6 unisex sneakers, crafted with high quality leathers , made by real people in Europe. We want to add value to our customer’s life and make items that last a lifetime. In today’s reality the customer is overwhelmed by too many options. Our goal is to convince customers to buy local products, but not compromise in design & quality.

It concerns 3 different unisex models, each with their unique sole

De Robot, De Antwerp and De Flex. Each model is made with high quality leather and is always available in 2 colors. A limited edition of all-gold sneakers is also available. From today, everyone can discover the sneakers in the presale in the Temporary Stores of Odette Lunettes in Antwerp and Ghent and on odettelunettes.com. March to the beat of a different drum with us.


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