Payments //-

Payment for products ordered from Odette Lunettes is to be made by credit card (visa and
mastercard), immediate bank transfer, PayPal. Odette Lunettes reserves the right to accept
other forms of payment in individual cases as well as to exclude forms of payment in
individual cases.
As soon as the payment is received Odette Lunettes processes the order.

The customer will be charged the purchase price when the order is accepted. All the
prices are VAT included. The transfer of data may take several minutes and must
not be interrupted by the customer, e.g. by means of updating the browser page.
Otherwise, this may lead to the credit card being charged twice. Odette Lunettes
will issue refunds in justified cases within a maximum of 14 days of the reporting of
any duplicate transactions to Odette Lunettes by the customer.

The shipping costs won’t be charged in Belgium, when you live abroad extra costs can be
charged for shipment.

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