Reimbursements //-

Shopping for an Odette Lunettes and having a part reimbursed by your health insurance company?

An additional discount? That is always handy! But how does it work? We'll explain it in detail for you.

It all starts with a free eye test.

Do you want to get a refund from your health insurance fund? Then you need an eye test. For this purpose, we employ a team of qualified opticians and optometrists at Odette Lunettes. So you no longer have to wait months for that appointment with your eye doctor. In addition, an eye test with us is completely free of charge. Relax, focus on the print and immediately find out what kind of strength you need.

How much will I get refunded?

You've chosen your glasses (and take a 2nd one at half price), but how much do I get back?

How much you get back from your health insurance fund depends on which health insurance fund you are affiliated with. This information is freely available, but not always completely clear. Below you will find a simple overview, handy!


The Riziv also often intervenes in the costs. This is always the case for children under 18 and 65+. Do you have a very strong deviation of at least +/- 7.75? Even then the Riziv intervenes. The amount depends on the type of spectacle lenses (unifocal, bifocal, progressive) and the deviation. For more information, please visit one of our stores.

How does a refund work?

Ready to receive your money? For this you send a copy of your Odette Lunettes invoice to your health insurance company. Wait a few weeks and the amount will be refunded to you.

So I want to have my eyes measured, now what?

Book an appointment online in one of our stores in Antwerp, Knokke, Ghent or Maasmechelen.

High time to choose the right frame.

Choose modern, stylish glasses that really suit you? Let that be our specialty. With more than 30 frames developed by us, we take the time to find the glasses that really suit you.

Psst… you get another 10% discount on your glasses when you make an appointment online, what are you waiting for?

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